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Created for my Sanna, made for you!

I am Meeli. Sanna’s mother. Hence the name Sannale. And I enjoy handicrafts. It’s my passion. And I enjoy coming up with new things. I really enjoy the fact that when I need something, I can make it myself with my own hands. It’s my time for myself, a pleasant and calm tinkering with something very beautiful and good.

OÜ Sannale

When my first son was born, we were so busy with him that we couldn’t even find time to eat ourselves. When our second son was born, there were occasions when, in addition to taking care of the children, we also managed to have warm food on the table for ourselves. With the third child, we had even more time available, so I could sew not only for my own family but also for others.

So it happened that when our little daughter Lisanna (nicknamed Sanna) was 4 months old, I made my first custom-sewn frilly leggings, and that’s how Sannale began. After two boys, ruffles, colors, fluffiness, and the delicate airy fabrics of girlish materials turned out to be a completely different and very inspiring world for me.

OÜ Sannale

At one point, when my own stroller accessories weren’t enough for me, I discovered the world of stroller accessories. And so it began. What once started as a quiet hobby for a stay-at-home mom has now grown into a full-time adventure, of which I am proud of the product range and quality.

Originally trained as a music educator, I am now the owner, pattern designer, seamstress, and product developer of OÜ Sannale. The number of products rolling out from us has grown significantly larger than I could produce alone. Thus, I have long-term and reliable cooperation with four excellent seamstresses who carefully maintain the quality in the style of Sannale. They are a very important part of Sannale’s value, and I appreciate them wholeheartedly! My mother Anne makes covers for loungers, while my friend Sirli, along with Kati, manages the stroller accessories department. My husband helps keep the website running smoothly, and I myself create new product designs, handle custom orders, and respond to your emails.

The majority of the products seen on this website were originally created for my Sanna and our family. We have used, enjoyed, and improved them ourselves, so now we can offer them to you as well. Just as our Sanna and her brothers grow, and as we receive the wishes of our customers, the range of Sannale products is constantly evolving.

I’m very glad you’ve come to our website. I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for here. We are delighted to create something just for YOU.


Meeli Viljaste

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